Making Homemade Ant Killer for Kitchen

Boric AcidCan be Used Make Homemade Ant Killer

Are you thinking about making homemade ant killer that actually works? You need to spare a little extra time with me here to find out that kind of matter and trust me, it is going to work. Ants are little bugs that could be really annoying and a lot of people are having trouble with such a matter. Dealing with the situation should be easy when you know how to make homemade ant killer. You do not have to waste a lot of money there and not to make sure that it is easy to use. So, what do you really need when it comes to make homemade ant killer? We will do the preparation before we go down and make it.

You will really need to get few things like boric acid, bleach, ammonia or window cleaner, sugar, super hot water, cotton balls, re-sealable disposable type container, and oatmeal or grits. Those great things could help you deal with the ants. Let’s start with the first one when you use boric acid solution. Mix boric acid, sugar and hot water; then, place it in a spray bottle, and swirl mixing thoroughly. This solution is a popular long term choice. Other people also love the bleach Solution and it is almost the same as the boric acid as we speak about how we make and use it in the same time just right now.

Ammonia could be another good option and you just need to clean by sprinkle window. People use it as short term control of the ants like when you are using peppermint essential oil. You could leave Oatmeal or Grits as a dead trap when the ants take it back to the nest and eat it. So, those are solutions to stop the ants from annoying you.

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