Kitchen Designs from Philip Starck in Warendorf

Trendy Kitchens from Philip Starck in Warendorf

Philip Starck is a great interior designer that has impressed the world with his interior designs in Francois Mitterrand house. His skills in designing interiors makes him submerged with countless awards, which some of them include the prestigious Oscar du luminaire, Delta de la Plata awards, Good design Award and Prix d’excellence Marie Claire Maison. He has a great creativity in interior designs make his newest collection of kitchen ideas now being introduced by Warendorf. Kitchens from Philip Starck in Warendorf was named as Miele DIE KÜCHE. Starck’s kitchen designs are featured with different element each other. He focuses his kitchen designs in reflecting a healthy living just like a kitchen should be. You may need to know some things or characteristics in his designs as an inspiration whenever you need to decorate your kitchen.

Some unique designs that comprise both functionality and aesthetic value of Kitchens from Philip Starck in Warendorf are the kitchen tower design, where the design of the tower allows a 340 degrees rotation for giving the easiness of functionality together with the availability of additional library in the kitchen that is applied to mix and match the culture and food. Another unique design from Starck is the duality kitchen. This design allow the users to get two ways of accessibility entrance. There is a design from Starck where the kitchen is designed with a combination of traditional vintage look and modern luxurious design. Starck filled a kitchen with stainless steel appliances and furniture combined with grain wood of the ceiling and the pool.

This is a luxurious kitchen design with still bringing a living space atmosphere. Combination of wood and stainless steel always look so gorgeous. Still using this combination, another design of Starck’s kitchen featured with wood furniture with still containing some touch of stainless steel on the surface, the holder of cabinet and the legs of the table. Kitchens from Philip Starck in Warendrof consist of great arrangements and designs that can bring a sense of luxury in a an impression of simplicity.

Remodeling Kitchen Decorating Ideas:

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